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The neck

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The neck forms the connection between the head and trunk, whereby this relatively narrow section must accommodate the trachea, esophagus, larynx, thyroid, cervical spine, various nerve pathways and the blood channels for the supply of the brain. Numerous muscle groups serve to stabilize the neck and enable the head to move. The anterior neck area with larynx, air and esophagus is often referred to as a throat, the posterior neck area is known as the neck.

Complaints in the neck area can be of a wide variety of types, with the spectrum ranging from pain in the throat or throat, swallowing problems or a lump in the throat to neck tension that can be determined on the outside. The most common cause of sore throats is inflammation of the pharynx due to bacterial (e.g. streptococci) and viral (e.g. flu viruses) infections. The tonsils (tonsils) can also be affected, which may result in painful tonsillitis. Uncomfortable tensions in the neck muscles can be observed, for example, as a result of repeated incorrect loads. However, a stiff neck or neck can sometimes also be found in sunstroke and in life-threatening meningitis. Swallowing problems are a typical feature of inflammation of the throat and tonsils, but can also indicate throat cancer or esophageal cancer.

Ultimately, there are a variety of possible impairments in the neck area, each of which is accompanied by different symptoms. If necessary, external changes in the neck area can also be detected, such as the formation of a so-called goiter (goiter) in the course of thyroid disorders. Sometimes, however, the complaints in the neck area cannot be attributed to a disease lying here, but are, for example, related to an allergy or are an expression of a neurological disease (swallowing problems as a symptom of Parkinson's disease or dementia). A medical examination of symptoms in the neck area is therefore strongly recommended. (fp)


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