Evolutionary studies: Women are more and more involved with other women

Evolutionary studies: Women are more and more involved with other women

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Women increasingly have sexual connections with other women
Human sexuality is an extremely complex issue. A new theory suggests that heterosexual women are more likely to have sexual relationships with other women than heterosexual men with other men. The authors of a new study believe that the cause of this was apparently triggered by evolution.

Researchers from the London School of Economics found in an investigation that women seem to be more flexible in their love lives than men. Heterosexual women are more likely to make connections with other women. The reason for this seems to be evolution, and is partly related to polygamous marriage. The scientists published the results of their study in the journal “Biological Reviews”.

Women used to use sex to solve conflicts and tensions in polygamous marriages
The evolutionary psychologist Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa has developed a new theory. This connects a so-called sexual fluidity of women with evolution and polygamous marriages. When men had more than one woman in earlier times, women used sex among themselves as a kind of mechanism to resolve conflicts and tensions between women, the expert explains. The women had intimate relationships with each other to reduce competition and consequently create greater harmony within the family, the doctor adds.

Do women have no direct sexual orientation?
The theory states that women, unlike men, could have "no direct sexual orientation," the researcher explains. Instead of being heterosexual or gay, the orientation of women largely depends on their partner, their reproductive status and other circumstances, ”explains lead author Dr. Kanazawa.

Another explanation for the difference in same-sex attraction between the sexes could be that, although men have similar desires to women, "they suppress sexual interaction with other men," the scientist said. The reason for this could be “a social stigmatization of male homosexuality”. As a result, men are less likely to pursue such feelings and avoid same-sex relationships.

49 percent of younger Britons don't see themselves as 100 percent heterosexual
A survey of 2,000 women (all of whom considered heterosexual) in the UK last week found that at least one in four women had had a sexual experience with another woman, the doctors say. Around 23 percent of people in the UK describe their sexual orientation as not one hundred percent heterosexual. Among the younger people aged 18-24, the value rises to 49 percent, say the experts (as)

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