First penis transplant performed in the United States

First penis transplant performed in the United States

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Doctors in the United States have transplanted a penis into cancer patients
A penis transplant was carried out for the first time in the USA. A 64-year-old man, whose genitals had been amputated due to cancer, received the donor organ from a deceased person. The intervention was only the third of its kind in the world.

Penis transplanted for the first time in the USA
A penis was transplanted for the first time in the USA. A 64-year-old man, whose limb was affected by a rare form of cancer, received the donor organ of a deceased person whose blood type matched that of the patient. The 15-hour procedure, which was performed at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, was the first such operation in the United States and only the third in the world. According to media reports, the patient's genitals Thomas Manning had to be amputated in 2012 because of his cancer. The 64-year-old is doing well, the doctors said on Monday.

Doctors prepared for surgery for three years
"We are cautiously optimistic," plastic surgeon Curtis Cetrulo told The New York Times (NYT). However, according to the hospital, it is too early to determine whether the procedure was successful or not. The genitals are said to be supplied with blood normally, and there are no signs that the organ is being rejected by the body. According to the clinic, the doctors had been preparing for the transplant for over three years.

The patient may soon return to normal urination
According to information from the clinic, if there are no complications, the patient can urinate normally again in a few weeks. Later, the limb was also sexually functional, explained Cetrulo. As the NYT reports, the 64-year-old man was happy about the surgery. "I want to be who I used to be," he told the newspaper. He no longer had a relationship because of the amputation a few years ago, but now he hopes to fall in love again.

Man is giving birth to a baby with a transplanted limb
In China, doctors had already performed a penis transplant in 2005. The surgery was a success, but the doctors had to remove the man's organ after two weeks because of "severe psychological problems of the patient and his wife". The first successful penis transplant was achieved by doctors in Cape Town in South Africa in late 2014. At the time, surgeon Frank Graewe from the University of Stellenbosch said: "We have proven that it is possible - we can give someone an organ that is as good as what they had." A few months after the operation, the man became Penis transplant father.

Advances in transplant medicine
Transplantation medicine has made tremendous progress in recent years. Last year, for example, a skull cap was successfully transplanted in the United States. Over two dozen face transplants and more than 70 hand transplants have already been performed. Reports of an Italian neurosurgeon who claims to transplant the head of a terminally ill patient caused a sensation worldwide. (ad)

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