Instead of chips and Co. in front of the TV: vegetables and fruits as an evening snack

Instead of chips and Co. in front of the TV: vegetables and fruits as an evening snack

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Stay away from chips and co .: Vegetables and fruits as snacks in the evening
For many people, small snacks are part of a cozy TV evening or a social gathering with friends. Highly sugary and fatty snacks are particularly popular. But there are also healthier alternatives. Ideally, these should be prepared before the acquaintance arrives or the film begins.

When you can’t stop snacking
Once you start snacking in front of the television in the evening, it is extremely difficult to stop. The craving for sweets or savory hardly seems to be satisfied. One method that is recommended by experts to stop cravings for chips and the like is to only take small portions with you on the sofa, otherwise the so-called “potato chip effect” (if you eat a handful, you eat the whole pack) threatens. Or you can directly prevent and prepare healthier alternatives, as Silke Schwartau, food expert at the Hamburg Consumer Center, recommends in a message from the dpa news agency.

Healthy things within reach
For example, if you have an appetite for savory items such as chips, pickled cucumbers or gherkins can be an alternative. Pieces of vegetables such as peppers, carrot sticks or cocktail tomatoes are also available here. Those who prefer to snack sweetly may choose cottage cheese with berries, fruit salad with quark or a smoothie made from different fruits. It is very important that the healthy is within reach and that getting chocolate, chips and Co. would be expensive.

Make small snacks yourself
Such snacks often contain a mix of sugar, fat and white flour and lots of calories - but no longer fill you up. On the contrary: "If flavor enhancers or flavorings are on the list of ingredients, these ingredients can also tempt you to eat more", explains Schwartau in the agency report. "Because they develop an intense taste on the tongue, and when it flies, the body definitely wants more of it." Snacks, which usually do without additives such as flavor enhancers, are vegetable chips. These are considered a high-fiber alternative to potato chips and are easy to make yourself. (ad)

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