Refreshment while exercising: Better avoiding sugary drinks

Refreshment while exercising: Better avoiding sugary drinks

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Avoid sugary drinks while exercising
Regular exercise is healthy and helps you lose weight. Sport also includes refreshment in between. However, this should not be sugary. Experts explain what and how much amateur athletes should drink best.

Anyone who moves needs refreshment
According to health experts, those who exercise regularly have a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases, prevent diabetes and strengthen their bones. Exercise also helps you lose weight. Those who work out need refreshment, of course. Fluid also has a preventive effect: it prevents muscle spasms while jogging. But what and how much should be drunk? The Consumer Center Bavaria has some tips in an explanatory video.

Avoid energy drinks and the like during sports
One shouldn't drink sugary drinks like energy drinks, juices or lemonade while exercising, explains a nutritionist in the short clip. This is because the sugar in the intestine removes water for digestion. As a result, not enough water arrives in the muscles and organs to compensate for the losses caused by sweating. It is best for athletes to drink water, unsweetened teas or a self-mixed isotonic drink made from apple juice and water (ratio 1: 3).

How much fluid is needed
According to the expert, Istonic beverages from retailers usually have “not the right combination of sugar and minerals and are therefore not recommended”. When asked how much water we should drink, many experts respond to the feeling of thirst. In the video of the consumer center it says: "Normally you have a daily requirement of 1.5 liters, for every hour of exercise you calculate one liter more." However, doctors also warned that athletes should not drink too much because the fluid intake is faster occurs as their elimination. (ad)

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