Cuddling on the beach: Every third German dreams of lovemaking outdoors

Cuddling on the beach: Every third German dreams of lovemaking outdoors

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"Playboy" survey: Almost every third person wants sex outdoors
Around one in three Germans would like to have sex outdoors, preferably on the beach. This was the result of a survey commissioned by the men's magazine "Playboy". As is known, reality and wishful thinking are often far apart.

Almost one in three Germans would like to have sex outdoors
There is probably no topic that swindles as much as sex life. Therefore, answers to questions about which sex fantasies are common or how long lovemaking lasts on average should be treated with caution. Participants are not necessarily so careful when asked about their wishes. After all, it's just about reverie. Therefore, a survey by the opinion research institute on behalf of the magazine "Playboy" may have led to more realistic results. According to a message from the AFP news agency, this showed that almost one in three Germans dreams of sex outdoors.
Every third German dreams of sex outdoors. The preferred place would be a beach. (Image: Studio Trebuchet /
Germans don't want to have viewers
Health experts have pointed out that because of possible ticks, it is better to go outdoors safely, but intercourse in nature remains very popular. According to the current survey, 32.7 percent of those surveyed wish to have sex outdoors - preferably on the beach. At 36.1 percent, this fantasy is more pronounced in men than in women with 29.2 percent. However, the Germans do not want any viewers: According to AFP, sex is the least popular sexual fantasy in Germany (3.9 percent). This is followed by group sex and sadomaso practices with 4.2 percent. Oral sex, on the other hand, is one of the most popular erotic dreams and comes in second place with 31.2 percent. Experiments with sex toys came third with 24.4 percent. According to the information, the polling institute had interviewed 1,000 men and women in Germany. (ad)

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