Sports advice for beginners: So tackle the inner bastard

Sports advice for beginners: So tackle the inner bastard

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Psychologist gives tips for beginners: How to overcome the bastard
Although everyone knows that sport is healthy, there are always excuses that serve as an excuse for lack of exercise. Actually, it wouldn't be that difficult to motivate yourself. An expert has a few tips on how to overcome the so-called "inner bastard".

Overcome the inner bastard
Health experts repeatedly emphasize how important sport is for our body. For example, regular exercise can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure or heart attack. In addition, according to statistics, athletes are less likely to suffer from overweight and obesity. Nevertheless, there are always excuses why you don't train more often. One of the frequently used excuses for not having to do sports outdoors soon disappears: spring is just around the corner and therefore it is rarely too cold, too dark or too wet. If this argument is not enough, some tips that an expert has ready in a report from the dpa news agency may help.

Sport should become a habit
The improving weather is not enough for many people to really get up and running, cycling or walking. The diploma and sports psychologist Kareen Klippel from Cologne gives a few motivational tips. In her opinion, sport should best become a new habit. However, this takes some time and, especially at the beginning, probably also overcoming. "Therefore, you should enter and keep fixed dates for the sport in the calendar," said the expert.

Sport with friends or in a group
As the psychologist, who also advises top athletes, thinks you can review the positive feeling again, feel it again and document it by recording a short video after the sport and recording what worked particularly well, was fun or did good . It is also an advantage to train in company. The best thing to do is to meet up with friends for sports or join a sports group. Klippel also recommends creating memories in the dpa report. Regardless of whether it is a new sports bag in the cloakroom, a picture on the cell phone or a saying on the fridge: "You should use anchors as a support in everyday life that remind you of the project and motivate you."

Motivation can be learned
It can also help to formulate a motto. According to Klippel, you should take some time for this. “First and foremost, a guiding principle should trigger a strong, positive feeling, suit you and take your needs into account.” The more visual the motto is, the better it is. The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) recently gave various pieces of advice in a press statement on how to improve motivation for a healthy life. Motivation can be learned accordingly, whereby it is very important to define achievable goals. Training successes can be shared with others via smartphone apps. That can provide incentive. (ad)

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