Diet: For students, two breakfasts are better than no breakfast at all

Diet: For students, two breakfasts are better than no breakfast at all

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Second breakfast does not increase the likelihood of being overweight or obese
Morning food intake is linked to improved school performance. It is therefore always advisable for pupils and students to have breakfast in the morning. Even a double breakfast doesn't seem to affect our weight or performance. A recent study found that when students eat breakfast twice in the morning, there is no increased likelihood of becoming overweight or obese later, compared to students who do not eat breakfast at all in the morning.

As a child, you have probably heard countless times from your parents that a proper breakfast is important in order to start the day well. Scientists from the University of Connecticut have now found in a study that students who eat breakfast twice a day are at no increased risk of becoming overweight or obese. The doctors published the results of their study in the specialist journal "Pediatric Obesity".

Irregular or no breakfast doubles the risk of being overweight
Previous studies had shown that breakfast in the morning can help improve performance in school. In addition, children's health improves and the likelihood of being overweight and obese decreases, the researchers explain. However, there were fears that a second breakfast at school could lead to overweight children who had previously had breakfast at home, the doctors add. The study evaluated the data from almost 600 students at twelve different schools. They received a free breakfast and lunch at their schools. The researchers found that students who skipped breakfast or had an irregular breakfast were at twice the risk of being overweight compared to students who ate double breakfast. When pupils ate a double breakfast from 5th to 7th grade in the morning, they could not measure any particular change in weight, the scientists add.

Students should have breakfast to perform better
When it comes to the effects of a second school breakfast on our body weight, the new study clearly shows that two breakfasts are better than no breakfast at all, explains Dr. Marlene Schwartz from the University of Connecticut, one of the study authors. Providing a healthy breakfast at school helps students achieve the required academic performance, prevents feelings of hunger and even helps to maintain a healthy body weight, the experts emphasize.

Schools should offer free breakfast
In order to better assess the effects of a free breakfast, the researchers interviewed relatives and employees in the schools. A conversation with parents, teachers, and administrators found that a free breakfast made fewer students sick. In addition, there were no children at all who complained to the school nurse that they were feeling hungry, the scientists explain. Research shows that eating a good breakfast helps students perform better, improves overall health, and does not increase body weight, the doctors say. (as)

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