Excitement about halal meat at Edeka

Excitement about halal meat at Edeka

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Photo with halal meat triggers Shitstorm on Facebook
A photo that is said to come from an Edeka market is currently causing a stir on social networks. The reason: On the picture you can see a meat pack with the inscription “halal”. Many customers were angry and even announced a future boycott of the supermarket chain. But the company reacted quickly and provided clarification on its Facebook page.

Customers call for boycott
There was a lot of excitement online after a picture of halal meat appeared in a supermarket display. It quickly spread that the photo was allegedly taken in a local Edeka branch. Animal rights activists reacted indignantly and criticized the company sharply, many customers expressed their displeasure on Facebook and called for a boycott. Comments like "As long as you sell Halal products, I will no longer set foot in one of your markets!" Made it clear what the label "halal" can obviously trigger.

Shafting is prohibited in this country
With the Arabic word "halal" Muslims designate meat that is "allowed" according to Muslim regulations. It is characterized in that the animals are killed without anesthesia with a cut through the throat and bleed (“shafts”). This is to ensure that Muslims do not consume blood when eating meat, because the Koran prohibits this. In Germany, the slaughtering of animals without stunning is prohibited according to Section 17 of the Animal Welfare Act (TierSchG) - however, an exemption can be requested for religious reasons.

Edeka responds to the allegations on Facebook
Edeka promptly responded via Facebook and commented on the photo. “EDEKA generally refuses to slaughter animals. And anesthetized slaughter is basically prohibited in Germany for animal welfare reasons. At EDEKA, there are no meat or sausage products that come from slaughtered animals! ”Said the comment of the food company. It was also said that halal slaughtering "is by no means to be equated with ritual slaughter", because "the term 'halal' essentially means that it is food that is 'pure' according to the Islamic rite and therefore suitable for ingestion" , the company continues.

Therefore, "Halal slaughter, as required by law, is no different from conventional slaughtering." Edeka said that a few merchants in the group also have Halal products, but the excitement is unfounded because the photo does not come from an Edeka branch. Instead, the exact origin is unknown. However, some medians reported that it came from an older post from the BBC News and was recorded in France. (No)

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