Breakfast porridge: Ready mixes often contain too much sugar

Breakfast porridge: Ready mixes often contain too much sugar

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Completed breakfast porridge mixes often contain a lot of sugar
Not only in the cold season does a warm breakfast porridge give you strength for the day. With the appropriate ingredients, it is a contribution to a healthy diet. However, anyone who uses ready-made mixtures here should be careful: these often contain a lot of sugar.

Warm cereal with a beneficial effect
While bread with butter and jam or other spreads belonged to a typical breakfast in this country for many years, the warm morning meal, in the form of porridge, among others, has persisted in other countries. In the meantime, warm German porridge is also part of a healthy breakfast for more and more Germans. Especially in the cold season, it provides a warm and cozy feeling after eating. Stressed and older people appreciate the porridge because of its beneficial effects on the stomach and intestines, reports the Baden-Württemberg information service Agriculture-Nutrition-Rural Area. That is why many people like to accept the few minutes of preparation time.

An integral part of the nutritional recommendation
The food industry has long since discovered the new breakfast trend. In the meantime, pre-packaged breakfast porridge mixes can be found on the supermarket shelves in all variations. Some mixtures only have to be boiled or scalded with hot water and are then ready to eat. According to the experts, the market for breakfast porridge has been growing in double digits annually since 2011. Trends such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine are increasing the demand for such porridge offers, since a hot breakfast has always been an integral part of the nutritional recommendation in these health systems.

Breakfast porridge simply homemade
If consumers use ready-made mixes here, they should, as with muesli or other supposedly healthy products, take a close look at the list of ingredients. As consumer protection in Baden-Württemberg explained, there is often a relatively high amount of sugar in the mixtures. Occasionally, sugar substitutes and flavorings are also contained in ready mixes. So it is recommended to make your own porridge. Then you can freely choose which ingredients are on the plate every day. The preparation is not a big effort. For example, fruits such as bananas or apples and spices such as cinnamon can be added to the basic mass of cereals and milk. Various recipes for porridge can also be found on the Internet. (Ad)

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