Natural contraception: temperature method effective with careful care

Natural contraception: temperature method effective with careful care

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Contraception with the temperature method absolutely requires regularity
Most German women use the contraceptive pill when it comes to contraception, but there are also various natural alternatives. For example the temperature method: However, this is prone to errors. Health experts explain what couples should pay special attention to here.

Natural alternatives to the contraceptive pill
Most Germans prefer contraception with a pill and condom. A study by the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) a few years ago found that around 53 percent of sexually active adults use the pill for contraception and around 37 percent use condoms. However, taking the drug is associated with unpleasant side effects. In addition, modern contraceptive pills pose a high risk of thrombosis. However, there are hormone-free alternatives to the pill that cause little or no health stress.

Contraception with temperature method
One of these alternatives is contraception using the temperature method. However, this requires a regular lifestyle. This is indicated by the professional association of gynecologists (BVF) on the website "". The woman has to measure and note down her body temperature every morning at the same time as soon as she wakes up: Because if ovulation has taken place, the body temperature rises by up to 0.5 degrees according to the experts. According to the BVF, it also increases due to, for example, alcohol consumption or shorter sleep: Then the temperature measurement becomes worthless.

Differentiate between fertile and sterile days

Another alternative that also includes body temperature is the "symptothermal method". The woman measures her body temperature every day and at the same time observes changes in her vaginal fluid (vaginal discharge). With such natural contraceptive methods, attempts are made to determine the time of ovulation as precisely as possible in order to differentiate between fertile and sterile days. On the fertile days, the couples then have to forego sex or use condoms. (ad)

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