Catholic sensation: Pope relaxes contraceptive ban because of Zika virus

Catholic sensation: Pope relaxes contraceptive ban because of Zika virus

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Catholic head relaxes contraceptive ban for Zika virus
To protect against the Zika virus, Pope Francis no longer strictly excluded contraceptives. As the news agency "dpa" reports, he resolutely rejects an abortion in response to a Zika infection. Because this is "a crime, it is absolutely evil," said the head of the Catholic Church.

Virus spreads more and more
The dangerous Zika virus has been spreading in several countries in Central and South America for months. The World Health Organization (WHO) has meanwhile even declared a global health emergency. In individual cases, the pathogen is brought to other regions of the world by travelers; in Germany, 20 cases of Zika infections have been reported to date.

The Zika virus is transmitted by infected mosquitoes, and transmission of the virus through sexual intercourse is also considered possible. Accordingly, prevention can be an important protective measure here. The Pope apparently also sees it that way, because as the "dpa" reports, he no longer strictly ruled out artificial contraceptives in view of threats such as the Zika virus. According to the Vatican, Pope Francis said that contraception was "obvious" in some cases on the return flight from Mexico to Rome. In the teaching of the Catholic Church, artificial contraception is usually strictly prohibited. However, there are exceptions to the use of contraceptives such as the pill if they are used as therapeutic measures to cure physical illnesses such as e.g. Acne are necessary.

Abortion continues to be vehemently rejected
According to the Pope, contraception is “not absolutely bad,” but the head of the Catholic Church strongly opposes abortion as a result of a Zika infection. Because "abortion is not the lesser evil, it is a crime," said Pope Francis, according to the news agency. An abortion is "absolutely bad," added the Argentine, whose real name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Increased abortions by Zika in Brazil
The Zika virus is not fatal and, according to health experts, only leads to flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle and joint pain in about 20 percent of those infected. However, the pathogen is suspected of causing newborn skull malformations if a woman becomes infected during pregnancy. In this so-called “microcephaly”, the children are born with an unusually small head, which can result in brain malformations and intellectual disabilities. This connection has not been established so far, but according to the “dpa”, the assumption from the experts' point of view has already led to increased abortions in Brazil, the country most severely affected. (No)

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