Grandparents spoil their grandchildren with time better than with gifts

Grandparents spoil their grandchildren with time better than with gifts

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When the grandparents come to visit, there is often a small souvenir or sweets for the grandchildren. So far it is quite normal and many grandmas and grandpas simply have fun making the little ones happy. However, the supposed pampering with gifts is not always good for the children - rather, spending time together should be in the foreground.

Gifts can also overwhelm children
Whether chocolate, the doll from the shop window or the long-awaited racing car: Many grandparents have a lot of fun pampering their grandchildren. What is completely normal in a normal setting can quickly take over and run in the wrong direction. "Children are often overloaded with gifts, which is not good for them," explains Ursula Lenz in an interview with the news agency "dpa".

Instead, intensive time should be spent with the children, because that is what is often neglected - even if the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren as a whole is much closer and more cordial than in earlier times. According to the German Youth Institute, more than a third of children in the crèche and kindergarten age regularly spend time with grandma or grandpa, and more than 40% of children in their first school years are looked after by their grandparents at least once a week.

Staying longer with grandma and grandpa is one of them
Accordingly, depending on the age of the grandchild, “pampering” should mean to go on a trip together. "It doesn't have to be spectacular things, go to the zoo or read to them," said the expert from the Federal Association of Senior Citizens' Organizations. If the children stay overnight, it is okay, according to Ursula Lenz, if the little ones stay awake for an hour or two longer than usual. "That's a little bit special about visiting with the grandparents."

However, everything else should not be decided on your own, but should be discussed with the parents in advance so that no conflicts arise. “For example, as a grandparent, you should already observe special nutritional principles, for example, arrange a visit to the fast food restaurant.” Agreeing on gifts can also help to find out what the child particularly likes or to avoid double purchases. (No)

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