Harmony: This is how couples can improve their sexual satisfaction

Harmony: This is how couples can improve their sexual satisfaction

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The right words in bed can improve sex life
Harmony and intimacy are important components of all relationships. But does harmony also affect our satisfaction during sexual intercourse? Couples are happier when they talk openly about their feelings in bed, researchers from Chapman University now claim. Satisfied couples also have more sex and would often say that they love each other.

Sexually satisfied men and women behave more intimately. Such people often say during sexual intercourse that they love their partner. Dissatisfied couples do not make such statements. Thus, sexual satisfaction could be achieved simply by a few harmonious words, researchers claim. Chapman University scientists published their latest results in The Journal of Sex Research.

Communication in bed leads to a significantly better sex life in relationships. (Image: deagreez / fotolia.com)

"Whispering bed" improves sexual satisfaction
One of the largest studies on sexual satisfaction in relationships has found that so-called "bed whispering" could help you have a full sex life. For their study, the researchers examined approximately 39,000 married or cohabiting heterosexual men and women in the United States. Everyone lived with their partner for at least three years, the scientists explain.

Sexually satisfied men and women cuddle more often, kiss more, and laugh together during their sexual activity. The happiest couples also communicated more effectively. Such couples harmonize better and often say that they love each other, even during sexual intercourse, explain the doctors. So candles and romantic music could be superfluous to have a full sex life. Romantic communication in bed seems more important, the researchers add.

Sexually satisfied couples often tell their partner that they love him
According to the scientists, 75 percent of all satisfied men behaved more intimately and explained that they often tell their partners during sexual intercourse: "I love you". For satisfied women, this value is around 74 percent. Dissatisfied women and men expressed their feelings less frequently. Only 49 percent of dissatisfied men and 44 percent of dissatisfied women said they have intimate conversations during intercourse, doctors say.

Almost half of the satisfied and dissatisfied couples read sexual self-help books and magazine articles. The only difference between the two groups was that sexually satisfied couples actually tried some of the ideas, explains Dr. David Friedrich from Chapman University. There is no evidence of the effectiveness of showering together, wearing lingerie, or using sex toys, added Dr. Friedrich added.

Years of sexual satisfaction require collaboration from both partners
The vast majority, approximately 83 percent of all respondents, are sexually satisfied in the first six months of a new relationship. After that, the value decreases if couples do not actively take action against it. About half of the sexually satisfied men (49 percent) and women (45 percent) reported that their last sexual encounter lasted more than 30 minutes. These respondents also stated that they felt the same emotional closeness to their partner as in the first six months of the relationship, the researchers explain.

It was encouraging to learn that more than a third of the couples had kept their passion alive. These couples were still together after a decade or two. This does not happen on its own, such couples made a conscious effort to prevent boredom during sexual intercourse, says co-author Dr. Janet Lever. Common romantic and sexual behaviors are likely to make an important contribution to sexual satisfaction, explains Dr. Friedrich. Diversity is very important for them. The impact of lingerie or sex toys, however, has not yet been clarified in this regard, the American doctor adds. (as)

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