Studies: Stress can help you lose weight

Studies: Stress can help you lose weight

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Stress hormones activate brown fat, which burns glucose
In today's society, many people value a slim figure. So it is not surprising that more and more people are trying to lose a few pounds through diet or exercise. But there seem to be other ways to help us lose weight. Researchers found that stress can promote weight loss.

More and more people are trying to eat healthy and lose weight. Scientists from Nottingham University have now found that people under psychological pressure generally lose calories faster. The researchers published the results of their current study in the journal "Experimental Physiology".

So-called brown fat helps us lose weight
Would you like to lose a few pounds? Then you have probably already tried diets or tried to achieve your goal through more exercise and more exercise. Researchers have now found that released stress hormones activate healthy brown fat in the body. This burns glucose and thereby generates body heat. In addition to a diet, mild stress can support weight loss, explains study author Professor Michael Symonds. In a stressful situation, cortisol is increasingly released. This increase in cortisol activates what is known as brown fat, which uses calories to generate heat. Around 90 percent of the fat in the body of an average adult belongs to the unhealthy white variety, the experts say. It absorbs calories and stores them in the abdomen and thighs. It also increases the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, the researchers explain. But the rest is brown fat, also known as adipose tissue.

Brown fat burns calories and generates heat for the body, the experts say. Babies and children have a particularly large amount of brown fat. You need it to keep warm. But the body of adults also contains a small amount of healthy brown fat. The researchers claim that people who have more brown fat are leaner. In order to induce mild psychological stress, the research team examined five healthy women. The scientists subjected the test subjects to a short math test, which they used to monitor the cortisol level and the temperature of brown fat in the neck of the test subjects, the doctors report. The scientists found that even before the test started, intense stress was triggered in the test subjects. The cortisol level rose and the temperature of the brown fat increased. As a result, the calories were burned faster, experts add.

New techniques that trigger mild stress should be encouraged
Our research shows that the change in brown fat activity can be explained by response to psychological stress, the researchers say. This is important because brown fat has the unique ability to quickly generate heat and metabolize it into glucose, explains Prof. Symonds. Most adults only have between 50 and 100 grams of brown fat. However, because of its ability to generate heat, this is about 300 times larger than any other tissue, the scientists explain. There is an inverse relationship between the amount of brown fat and our BMI. The researchers added that it is still unclear whether this fact is a direct consequence of the effects of brown fat. The scientists say that a better understanding of the factors that influence our brown fat activity, such as diet and exercise, have the potential to prevent obesity and diabetes in the future. New techniques need to be promoted to induce mild stress to trigger brown fat activity, doctors say. It should be noted that negative effects of chronic and severe stress lead to poor metabolism. This then has a negative impact on our health, warn the experts. (As)

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