Glaucoma study: can vegetables with a high nitrate content protect?

Glaucoma study: can vegetables with a high nitrate content protect?

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The plentiful consumption of green vegetables, cabbage and other foods with a high nitrate content may protect against glaucoma. This is shown by the results of an observational study.

Nitrates are found in green leafy vegetables. They are also present in smaller quantities in cabbage, beetroot and potatoes. Nitrates are needed in the body to produce nitric oxide (NO) and play a role in regulating intraocular pressure.

The scientists from Boston investigated the influence of nitrate-containing foods on the prevalence of glaucoma. To do this, they used data from the Nurses ’Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, in which the participants were regularly asked about their eating habits.

The researchers determined the daily nitrate intake from the data. It was shown that the frequency of illness decreased with the nitrate intake. Participants with a high nitrate intake (approx. 240 mg / d) became sick 21% less than those with a lower nitrate intake (approx. 80 mg / d). You can find the study here. (pm)

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