In this way, senior citizens can defuse pitfalls in the household

In this way, senior citizens can defuse pitfalls in the household

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How seniors can easily mitigate trip hazards in the home
You can also hurt yourself in your own four walls. There are many pitfalls at home, especially for older people. However, seniors can reduce the risk of injury quite well. For example, falls through non-slip mats under loose carpets can be avoided.

Household accidents can be life-threatening
Seniors in particular are exposed to many risks of injury in the household. Falls at home can quickly become life-threatening. According to a joint announcement by the Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV) in Berlin and the campaign "The Safe House" (DSH) in Hamburg, around 7,200 people were killed in a fall in Germany in 2013 alone; around 6,700 of them were older than 65 years. In many cases it could be prevented.

Seniors have a high risk of falling
According to the experts, the high risk of falling for seniors has many reasons. One is the progressive bone loss ("osteoporosis"). Health experts usually advise against osteoporosis prevention before the bones shrink. However, diminishing eyesight and diminishing muscle strength also play a role, and also misunderstood thrift, such as when it comes to adequate lighting or buying a new ladder. In addition, according to a recent research work, slippers pose a danger. In this context, an EU working group warned seniors about falling prevention against walking around in socks, high shoes or poorly fitting slippers without fixation.

Tripping hazards are easy to clear out
In addition, too much furniture and structural features such as thresholds can increase the risk of falling in the house itself. However, many falls and trip hazards can be cleared up with little effort. For example, falls can be avoided by using non-slip mats under loose carpets. And threshold wedges or ramps make door thresholds safer, if you can't completely remove them, write the experts at GDV and DSH. Handles can be useful in the shower or bathtub, as many older people find it difficult to get in. According to the experts, these should be placed around 85 centimeters high. The tubes should be about four centimeters in diameter. This enables a secure grip. (ad)

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