Potency disorders: A little wine and exercise protect against impotence

Potency disorders: A little wine and exercise protect against impotence

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New study: Wine and sports to protect against impotence
Even if men don't like to talk about it: more and more of them suffer from sexual dysfunction. The problem of impotence is much more widespread than one would think. According to a new study, it could help sufferers to drink red wine regularly. This contains substances that are supposed to protect the potency.

Impotence is common
Although men generally do not like to talk about sexual dysfunction, according to health experts, the problem of impotence has become more widespread in recent years than one would think. Erectile dysfunction in men is not uncommon. The most common cause is stress and mental suffering. In medical circles, impotence is called "erectile dysfunction". To prevent this from happening, it could help if men consume certain foods and exercise regularly. Scientists from Great Britain have now found that out.

Certain diet and exercise against erectile dysfunction
As Aedin Cassidy's researchers from the University of East Anglia report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, they found that consuming foods rich in flavonoids is not only good for health, it is also for love life. The team of scientists had observed around 50,000 US men over several years for the study. About a third of them developed serious erectile dysfunction. When the researchers compared the subjects' diets to find out what made the difference, they found that men who ate foods rich in certain flavonoids several times a week were 10 percent less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction . For those who also regularly exercised, the risk was even 21 percent lower.

Healthy phytonutrients
The scientists concluded that flavonoids, such as those found in citrus fruits and red berries, can help against erectile dysfunction. It has long been known that these healthy phytochemicals protect the body. Previous research showed that flavonoids, which are also found in dark chocolate, can help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. They also have anti-inflammatory effects, protect the body from harmful radicals and help to strengthen the immune system. Apparently, the substances that are found primarily in blueberries, red wine, apples and citrus fruits can also help to preserve the “man's strength”. Home remedies for impotence are also effective. (ad)

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