Finally diaper free: how to wean the child off the diaper?

Finally diaper free: how to wean the child off the diaper?

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When weaning off the diaper, patience is the key to success
Many girls and boys have problems with cleaning. Therefore, it takes a lot of patience on the part of the parents to wean the child off the diaper. This is pointed out by
Social pedagogue Astrid Sult in the pharmacy magazine "Baby and Family". Pressure, on the other hand, usually does the opposite.

Children often find it difficult to get clean
"What, your child still has a diaper around?" "But he could dry out slowly!" Many parents are familiar with sentences like this when it comes to the topic of "cleanliness education". While three-year-old girls in most cases use the toilet relatively reliably during the day, boys often find it difficult to clean themselves. Nevertheless, both sexes often have difficulties equally in "saying goodbye" to the diaper. Parents should therefore exercise as much patience as possible and never exert pressure, because “cleaning up is a maturing process,” explains Astrid Sult, who gives seminars on cleanliness development for daycare workers at the Berlin Institute for Early Education.

Certain development steps necessary
According to the expert, this process runs differently for each child, because in order to become clean, it must have gone through certain development steps. Accordingly, it is necessary “that the nerve pathways between the bladder or intestine and brain mature to such an extent that the child can even feel urge to urinate or stool. After that, you first have to learn to correctly interpret the corresponding signals from the body and to control the sphincters.

Let the child learn by imitation
Anyone who builds up pressure often does exactly the opposite of what is supposed to be achieved for the child, emphasizes the expert in the magazine “Baby und Familie”. Since it is a process to say goodbye to the diaper, even small mishaps are quite normal: "Under no circumstances should parents scold when the business is in the pants," says Astrid Sult. Instead, parents should take their children in their arms, comfort them and not focus on the whole thing - because during this time the children would find every little mishap a defeat anyway. For parents it is often good to know that it can take up to several years between the first successful days without a diaper and complete freedom from diapers, Sult adds.

It is also important that the bathroom door is always open so that the child can easily reach the potty or the toilet at any time. "The child must be able to go to the toilet alone, for example with a step stool," continued Sult. Parents could also support their child in this phase by paying attention to uncomplicated, quickly removable clothes. Because when a body has to be unbuttoned or dungarees have to be taken off, it can quickly be too late. (No)

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