Study: Fever measurement: it works best in the rectum

Study: Fever measurement: it works best in the rectum

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Fever measurement: it works best in the butt
The peripheral fever measurement in the ear, armpit or mouth to determine the actual core body temperature is insufficiently precise. This was the result of a meta-analysis from Kananda.

According to the study authors, thermometers are not precise enough for peripheral measurement and should not be used when precise body temperature measurements are necessary for diagnostic decisions. The alternative: rectal or central thermometers.

Canadian doctors compared the precision of peripheral and rectal thermometers to determine core body temperature in adults and children with the help of published studies. 75 works with a total of 8,682 patients were included.

The study results show that most of the commercially available peripheral thermometers do not display body temperature accurately enough. This was particularly evident in high fever and hypothermia, where there were deviations of 1 to 2 degrees compared to the current core body temperature. You can find the study here.

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