Focus fully on the baby for the first few weeks

Focus fully on the baby for the first few weeks

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Many couples who have become parents for the first time suddenly find themselves in a completely new life situation. Some reorganize the apartment and design a colored children's room, others are fully booked because they want to show off to their friends and relatives. However, all attention should actually be on the newborn.

New life situation for new parents
When couples have just become parents, the life situation changes enormously for many of them. The apartment is being redesigned to be child-friendly, visits are pending, baby things are being bought. Some try to quickly acquire as much knowledge as possible about what is good for the offspring and read articles on topics such as: "Should you let the baby cry to sleep through?" Or "When can you bathe the baby for the first time?" Many parents have a surprisingly busy schedule with a newborn in the first few weeks. Only the child is really important.

Organize everything before the birth
In an interview with the magazine "Eltern" (December 2015 edition), the trained pediatric nurse Erika Wüchner advises parents that they should avoid hectic rush in order to develop a feeling for their child. "In the first few weeks, you have to concentrate entirely on the baby, make no appointments, no visits," said the expert. However, many parents find this difficult. As the dpa news agency reports, Wüchner works as a so-called “maternity nurse”, supporting parents during the first weeks and months after birth. It is important to organize everything before the birth. "The baby room should be ready, the freezer full." Parents who were prepared and fully focused on the baby got to know their baby so well that they could understand every baby's peck. (ad)

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