Dangerous to life: tapeworm larva taken from the brain

Dangerous to life: tapeworm larva taken from the brain

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Tapeworm larva in the brain almost costs the life of 26-year-olds
US doctors removed the tapeworm larva from the brain of a 26-year-old man in an emergency operation. The patient had gone to the emergency room of a hospital in Napa, California with a terrible headache and severe nausea. Shortly after his arrival, 26-year-old Luis Ortiz went into a coma. During their examinations, the doctors found a cyst in the patient's brain that blocked the fluid supply and removed it. Inside the cyst, they spotted a tapeworm larva.

The treating neurosurgeon Dr. Soren Singel told the US media that the patient was lucky. 30 minutes later he probably wouldn't have been able to help. Immediate surgery was required to save the 26-year-old's life. The tapeworm larva was encapsulated in a cyst, which "like a cork in a bottle" blocked the fluid supply in the brain, the neurosurgeon is quoted by the US news agency "Associated Press" (Ap).

Pig tapeworm larva in the brain
After Ortiz regained consciousness, the doctors explained that the larva of a pork tapeworm in his brain had almost cost him his life. The 26-year-old was shocked and "could not believe that something like this had happened," reports the "AP". "I had no idea that a parasite in my head was trying to ruin my life," said Ortiz. His headache started in late August and he initially simply ignored himself.

At the beginning of September, he arrived at his mother's house confused on a warm day after vomiting, vomited and got a severe headache, reports Ortiz. His mother immediately took him to the hospital. There the doctors were able to remove the parasite from the young man's brain. However, Ortiz still suffers from the consequences of the tapeworm larva in his head. He had to drop out of school, learn new movements, driving is just as difficult as working and Ortiz is very limited in his everyday life. But thanks to the therapy, significant progress has already been made, the young man continues. (fp)

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