Cryotherapy: 24-year-old patient dies when treated in a cold chamber

Cryotherapy: 24-year-old patient dies when treated in a cold chamber

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24-year-old woman dies from cold therapy
Cold therapies are used for various health problems, for example rheumatic diseases. In the United States, a young woman has died in cryotherapy. Her body was "rock hard frozen," relatives reported.

Cold therapy for the treatment of various diseases
Cold therapies are used to treat various diseases. The method, also called cryotherapy, can relieve pain for rheumatic diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis, for example, or help with skin diseases such as skin lichen and against persistent warts. The relatively new method is also used against sore muscles or sleep disorders. In the US, the death of a 24-year-old woman in a cold room has now made headlines. The patient's body was exposed to extremely low temperatures for a short time during this whole-body cold therapy (GKKT). Her body was "rock hard frozen" according to relatives.

Temperatures down to minus 110 degrees
As the Swiss National News Agency (SDA) reports, cryotherapy in the United States is now being put to the test after the young woman died of cold. In the United States, this method is currently a growth industry. Some top athletes in the USA also use cold chambers. Star athletes such as the basketball player LeBron James use full-body cryotherapy as an alternative to ice packs and cold water baths. The patients only stay in the cold chamber for a short time, for example one to three minutes, and are exposed to temperatures of up to minus 110 degrees. In the meantime, they only wear swimming trunks or a bathing suit, plus gloves and thick stockings. The method uses either cold air or nitrogen vapor to enter the chamber.

There is no medically substantiated evidence
Critics have long warned that there is as yet no medically substantiated evidence for the effectiveness of cryotherapy. They call for further research to investigate the short and long term effects. Robert Glatter, an emergency doctor at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, said the SDA said that cold room therapy could "give you an adrenaline rush and a jerk," but there was no evidence that the therapy was beneficial for a better one Health. In addition, in his opinion, it has not been proven that cold therapy reduces muscle damage after exercise. In addition, people would react very differently to such sub-zero temperatures and would have to be monitored accordingly.

Body was "rock hard frozen"
The young woman had apparently climbed into the cold room in Las Vegas on October 20 to relieve some pain. The following day, the 24-year-old was discovered there by a colleague. As her uncle Albert Ake told local media, her body was "rock hard frozen". In the meantime, the authorities in the US state of Nevada have announced that they will examine safety and other issues related to cryotherapy. It was said that the investigations should also help to revise the relevant safety standards. (ad)

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