Reproductive medicine has been imprisoned for five years

Reproductive medicine has been imprisoned for five years

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Charges for violation of the Embryo Protection Act and tax evasion
A reproductive doctor from Upper Franconia has been sentenced to five years in prison for several crimes. Among other things, the doctor had set up an “egg bank” in his clinic and thus violated the Embryo Protection and Transplantation Act. In addition, he is said to have evaded more than one million euros in taxes and also involved his employees in his criminal activities.

Doctor sets up an “egg cell bank” in his clinic
The regional court in Hof sentenced a 57-year-old doctor to five years in prison without parole on Tuesday. As the news agency "dpa" reports, the chamber saw it as proven that Stefan T. used the eggs of other women as part of a "fertility treatment". While the so-called "egg donation" is considered ethically harmless in countries such as Belgium, Spain and France, it is prohibited in Germany by the Embryo Protection Act (ESchG).

Since the trade in tissue is also prohibited, the Bayreuth doctor violated the Transplantation Act (TPG) through his “business” with the egg cells. As the presiding judge Siegbert Übelmesser said, the accused wanted to secure another source of income in this way - and even set up a kind of “egg cell bank” on the premises of his clinic.

Employees had to fake surgery reports
In addition to that, the man evaded more than one million euros in taxes and also failed to correctly process accounts for the statutory health insurance association. The court assumes that from 2007 to 2012 he defrauded both the taxation of cash income and capital gains on assets abroad, reports the "dpa". In addition, the doctor also involved his employees in the criminal activities, e.g. by Surgery reports for billing fraud should have been falsified.

Prosecution demands lifelong ban as a “fertility doctor”
The prosecutor had requested eight and a half years of imprisonment, but the court considered it mitigating the fact that the accused had admitted the allegations, said Evil Knife. In addition, his motivation to help childless couples is understandable. At the same time, however, he was also looking for profit and had committed many crimes over the years. In addition to his prison sentence, the doctor was banned for three years - the prosecution had demanded a five-year ban as a doctor, plus a lifelong ban on reproductive medicine.

"The defendant's future is not obstructed by this, although the decision of the statutory health insurance association is still pending, which ultimately has to decide whether or not the license to practice as a contract doctor is granted again after the end of the professional ban," said the spokesman for the regional court in Hof , Andreas Cantzler, in a conversation with the broadcaster “tvo”. (No)

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