Migraines are often an outlet for suppressed tension

Migraines are often an outlet for suppressed tension

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Acupuncture helps against acute pain - Chinese herbs in the long term
Migraine patients - 14 percent of women and seven percent of men suffer from it - often take pain medication in acute attacks. The violent attacks can hardly be endured. Visual disturbances, nausea, freezing and numbness are often added to the pain.

However, many migraine sufferers report that the disease worsens over time and that seizures become more violent and frequent. Chinese medicine has an explanation for this. In your opinion, the acute attack releases a kind of tension that builds up again until the next attack. However, if the attack is suppressed with pain relievers, this discharge cannot take place. Since the tension is still in the body, the next attack comes earlier than in the untreated case.

"The docking of the seizure leaves an unfinished rest in the body, so to speak, there remains a kind of catching up to do that causes the next seizure earlier," explains Dr. Christian Schmincke, expert in Chinese medicine and head of the clinic at the Steigerwald. "In the worst case, the frequency of the seizures is caused solely by the level of the medication." Because this medication dependency is independent of the type of migraine drug - it also occurs with naturopathic pain recipes - the fact is that the pain is taken decisively. Treatment according to the Chinese guiding criteria first provides for the weaning of medication. In order to resolve the tension that causes migraines in the long term, extensive cause research is required. In spite of the same symptoms, two patients may have different causes.

“In some patients, psychological malfunctions cause the seizures, in others, for example, with premature antibiotic administration, suppressed infections have left inflammatory residues in the body for years. Some questions are also based on disorders of the female cycle, ”explains Dr. Schmincke. These need to be resolved with the help of internal and external therapeutic procedures.

Depending on the dominant cause, TCM experts rely on various Chinese pharmaceutical ingredients as the main pillar of therapy. Patients consume herbs, tubers and roots in the form of decoctions, so-called decoctions, which the physicians adapt during the course of the therapy. In migraine and headache patients, these often contain medicinal herbs to compensate for the imbalance between the stomach and head. In addition, special acute formulations with bamboo help to survive the pain attacks well. "They reduce the pain less radically, but they work longer and do not hinder the elimination of the cause," explains Dr. Acupuncture and moxibustion also help with the pain attacks. Qi Gong, a system of gentle, slow movement exercises, has a calming and invigorating effect on headache patients and thus also contributes to successful therapy. Healthy nutrition and tension-relieving body therapies round off the concept. (pm)

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