Is red wine healthy for people with type 2 diabetes?

Is red wine healthy for people with type 2 diabetes?

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A glass of red wine every evening improves your health
New research suggests that a glass of red wine for dinner every day in people with type 2 diabetes could help improve heart function and cholesterol levels. The study found that a regular glass of red wine at dinner helped develop a healthier blood lipid profile. In addition, red wine drinkers have a larger amount of "good" cholesterol than, for example, people who drink mineral water or white wine.

The doctors presented the results of their research in the medical journal "Annals of Internal Medicine". For the purpose of the study, the researchers observed 224 subjects with type 2 diabetes. Many of those affected tend to be overweight and obese. The participants usually did not drink alcohol. For the purpose of the study, the subjects were randomly given either 150 milliliters of water, white wine or red wine. The allotted drink was then consumed for dinner for more than two years. No significant differences in blood pressure, obesity, liver function or quality of life were found in all three groups of test subjects. However, the sleep quality was improved in both wine groups compared to the water group.

Phenols in dark grapes help people with type 2 diabetes
Senior scientist Professor Iris Shai from the Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel said that differences between red and white wine were found. Originally, it was assumed that the beneficial effects of wine are mainly triggered by alcohol. But now it seems that the good results are triggered by certain antioxidants (also called phenols) in dark grapes. The study also found that both red and white wines can help improve the body's control of sugar levels. (as)

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