Drugs for flu can act like alcohol at the wheel

Drugs for flu can act like alcohol at the wheel

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Worsened roadworthiness: flu drugs can act like alcohol at the wheel
In the cold season, many people get colds or flu. Those who then take medication should be particularly careful when they get behind the wheel. Because such medicines can severely restrict the ability to drive, experts warn.

Roadworthiness can deteriorate significantly
Drivers should not only be particularly careful in the cold season because of possible slippery conditions. If you are taking cold and flu medicines, your fitness to drive may deteriorate significantly. This was pointed out by TÜV Süd in a press release. "All drivers who take medication during the flu should read the information leaflet carefully and inquire with their family doctor or pharmacist whether their fitness to drive is at risk," said Jürgen Brenner-Hartmann, Head of Traffic Psychology and Traffic Medicine MOT South.

Symptoms like alcohol
For example, many of these medicines can cause dizziness, restlessness, and fatigue. In addition, this often slows down the response time considerably. These are the same symptoms as they appear with alcohol on the road. And the numbing effects of liquid drugs that contain alcohol or codeine are often underestimated. Therefore: No cough syrup when driving. The accident statistics show how problematic the connection between road traffic and pharmaceuticals is. According to the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA), every fourth accident in Germany can be traced back to taking tablets. (ad)

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