Urologists are not just male doctors

Urologists are not just male doctors

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In Hamburg is the 67th. Over 7,000 trade visitors attended the congress under the motto: "Urology includes more". The doctors want to get away from the image of the “male doctor”.

Urologists are not just "male doctors"
Many people still think that urologists are the "gynecologists" of men. Urologists are indeed experts in male genital organs, but they also treat defects in the urinary and urinary organs. Therefore, they are also the experts for ureter, bladder or kidney problems, which affect women in particular. Nevertheless, many women are afraid of the urologist.

At this year's congress of the German Society for Urology (DGU), urological diseases of women were discussed as well as those of men. Over 7,000 trade visitors came to the congress under the motto: "Urology includes more".

Kidney, bladder and genital disorders
The President of the DGU, Prof. Dr. Stephan Roth, in a letter to the congress, wrote, “The urologist is more than the doctor for men and the prostate! Establishing the urologist as a male doctor was a necessary step more than 10 years ago, because non-specialist disciplines began to practice urological prevention in men: a strategy that defined urological competence and was at the same time easy to grasp was developed. ”The doctors therefore had to do it themselves contributed to the image of the "male doctor" from which they now want to get away. At this year's congress it was important to them to convey to the public that urologists also treat women and children with kidney, bladder and genital disorders.

Children also need to see a urologist
However, many do not know when children need to see a urologist, for example. A special boy's consultation with the urologist could help, experts say. Children, in particular, where the body is still growing and developing, often experience complaints that should be clarified. But also many adults are not aware that you should not only go to a urologist if you have itching in the genital area. For example, urologists are also experts when it comes to “stone problems” such as gallstones or kidney stones.

Financial considerations for certain treatments
Prior to the congress, Professor Roth criticized that pediatric surgeons and gynecologists sometimes perform urological treatments without having been adequately trained in them. To the "Ärzte-Zeitung" he said: "When it comes to stone suffering in children, such a child is in good hands with the urologist who often treats stone suffering." However, pediatric surgeons who do only one three times a year are not competent in this Performed the operation. Roth suspects that financial considerations could also be decisive for certain treatments: "If pediatric surgeons at university clinics treat children with urological disorders in many cases, simply because pediatric surgery is to be maintained in-house for economic reasons, then we urologists are increasingly faced with a problem with youngsters in pediatric urology. "

Expert cares for young people
So he is obviously not only concerned with the quality of treatment, but also with the concern that the next generation of doctors will fail to appear if the field is narrowed further and further. This concern is particularly important in view of the fact that by 2025 an increase in the need for care by almost 20 percent is expected. The reason for this is the increasing number of older people in Germany. Seniors make up the largest proportion of patients in urology. (ad)

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