Healthy mangoes with a lot of vitamin A are not useful for diets

Healthy mangoes with a lot of vitamin A are not useful for diets

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Mangoes unsuitable for diets
Mangos, as healthy exotic fruits, are an asset to the menu. They are easy to digest and rich in valuable ingredients, reports the consumer information service aid. In particular, the high content of vitamin A, its precursor beta-carotene as well as vitamin C and potassium have positive effects on health. However, mangoes can have a counterproductive effect on diets due to their relatively high sugar content (especially sucrose), according to the news agency "dpa", citing the aid.

With their healthy ingredients, mangoes have a positive effect on eyesight, the immune system and the metabolic processes in the body, explains the consumer information service aid. However, the high sugar content can be a hindrance in diets, which is why people wishing to lose weight are often advised to exercise caution here. However, the exotic stone fruit is otherwise well suited as a culinary ingredient for a variety of dishes and for direct consumption.

Mangoes originally come from the tropical and subtropical areas of India, according to the consumer information service. They have been grown there for 4,000 years and worshiped as the fruit of the gods. Today, mangoes are available all year round, but aid advises you to pay attention to quality when buying them. "The fruit should not be too firm and not too soft and exude a pleasant sweet smell," said the consumer information service. The color, however, does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the taste and degree of maturity. If there are black spots on the skin, the fruit is already overripe. Storage is best done at room temperature and should be used within a day or two, the aid continues.

According to the consumer information service, eating the mangoes neat or in a salad and in fruity drinks such as juice and punch is recommended. The stone fruit covers the slightly bitter taste of leafy salads such as rocket, chicory and radicchio. Mangoes are also a pleasure in sweet dishes such as yoghurt, milk rice and cakes. In addition, they can be processed well into jam and are suitable for refining soups, stews, rice dishes and as a spicy mango chutney with fish, poultry, lamb and game. (fp)

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