Little tricks to save vacation relaxation in everyday life

Little tricks to save vacation relaxation in everyday life

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How to stay relaxed despite a stressful job
Those who cannot switch off from work even on vacation are under constant stress. At least 38 percent of Germans are affected, as a survey by the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) shows. For many, the recovery either does not occur at all or is immediately replaced by everyday stress when you are back at work.

Get used to everyday life after your vacation
"It is important that relaxation takes time - even after the holiday," explains psychologist York Scheller from TK. "The body has to switch to relaxation at rest and back again." However, if appointments are due on the first day after the holiday, numerous emails have to be answered and unprocessed files are stacked on the desk, pressure and stress build up quickly. "If it is possible, the first working day should be in the middle of the week, a relaxed start is usually better possible and you have the prospect of a quick weekend," advises Scheller. In this way, you can also unpack your suitcase and slowly get used to everyday life again.

"Small souvenirs from vacation give a short rest at work," the psychologist continues. "So you can indulge in memories again and get back the good feeling."

According to the survey, constant accessibility is particularly stressful for most working people. This applies above all if you have to be available during leisure time and on vacation.

This was stated by four out of ten of the self-employed respondents. 32 percent of executives and 28 percent of employees feel the same way. "If it is possible, you should skip the business cell phone on vacation," advises Scheller.

Relaxation exercises such as yoga, tai chi, qi gong and autogenic training also help to switch off in the free time despite a stressful job. By relaxing body and mind, the stress level drops and the pressure drops from the practitioner. (ag)

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