Bruising, warts or skin cancer: foot cancer is mostly misunderstood

Bruising, warts or skin cancer: foot cancer is mostly misunderstood

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Common misdiagnosis: misunderstood cancer of the foot
In many cases, "black" skin cancer (melanoma) on the foot is recognized too late. This cancer is often confused with a wound or with diabetic foot syndrome, bruising or a wart. Delayed diagnosis also worsens the chances of recovery for those affected.

Black skin cancer is often recognized too late
Recently, the case of a young British woman caused a sensation on social media. Her appeal was shared over 100,000 times, in which she pointed out, among other things, that nail discoloration should be taken seriously and had a medical examination, because skin cancer can look like nail fungus. This cancer was therefore not recognized early enough for her and parts of her thumb had to be amputated. In many cases, “black skin cancer” (malignant melanoma) is also recognized too late on the foot. This cancer is often confused with a wound, sometimes with diabetic foot syndrome, bruising, or a wart.

Data from data subjects evaluated
As reported by the "Informationsdienst Wissenschaft" (idw), Dr. Wiebke Sondermann from the Department of Dermatology at the Medical Faculty of the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) at the University Hospital Essen (UK Essen) found that black skin cancer on the feet is often recognized too late. For this, the employee of Prof. Dr. Joachim Dissemond extracted the data from over a hundred affected people who were treated in the Essen clinic between 2002 and 2013.

Skin cancer is mostly "considered a wound". It was one of the largest patient groups worldwide with this clinical picture. A few months ago, your research was awarded the 2015 German Wound Award for best scientific work. Wiebke Sondermann explained: “30 percent of the patients initially received a misdiagnosis. Most often, black skin cancer on the feet was thought to be a wound. With the others, i.a. diagnosed with a diabetic foot syndrome or hematomas and warts. A delayed diagnosis with a later start of therapy usually means a poorer prognosis for the patient. "

UV index is said in weather reports
Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in Germany. Up to 200,000 people develop it every year, with over 20,000 diagnoses relating to dangerous "black" skin cancer. The German Cancer Aid in the fight against skin cancer recently demanded that the UV index be included in weather reports. Higher UV radiation increases the risk of getting sunburn, which in turn increases the risk of skin cancer. (Ad)

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