Better shelf life: freeze whole currants in whole panicles

Better shelf life: freeze whole currants in whole panicles

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Freeze whole currants in whole panicles
The currant season started a few weeks ago. Until the end of September, the delicious fruits can be harvested in the home garden or purchased in the supermarket. Currants are also easy to freeze and can be enjoyed all year round.

Delicious and healthy
Currants are delicious. The little red berries are sour and healthy. Among other things, they contain a lot of vitamin C, which, in conjunction with the phenolic acids and flavonoids also contained in currants, also prevent the build-up of cholesterol on the arterial walls and thus reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks. Since the fruits are also rich in various minerals, currants are used in naturopathy as a home remedy for iron deficiency. The berries are currently in season.

Currants are easy to freeze
In a recent report it is pointed out that “currants can be frozen”. So they last at least a year. In the magazine "Slow Food" (issue 04/2015) it says that "consumers should not pick the individual berries, but freeze the entire panicles." This way, the small fruits do not bleed out. Currants should be “washed before freezing and left to dry well”. Ideally, they are first spread out flat on a plate or plate and frozen. Only then should they be filled in boxes or cans. This can prevent the berries from being crushed or disintegrating when thawed. (ad)

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