Very healthy 110-year-old Agnes Fenton has been drinking three beers and one whiskey every day for 70 years

Very healthy 110-year-old Agnes Fenton has been drinking three beers and one whiskey every day for 70 years

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110-year-old woman has been drinking alcohol every day for 70 years
According to numerous studies, the regular consumption of alcohol is unhealthy, makes you fat and shortens the lifespan. But that doesn't seem to apply to everyone. A woman from the United States has been drinking alcohol every day for 70 years. Now she has celebrated her 110th birthday.

American has been drinking for 70 years
According to health experts, regular alcohol consumption affects muscle performance, damages nerves and organs - in addition to the liver, for example, the pancreas - and promotes the development of overweight or obesity as well as mental disorders and cancer diseases such as liver or colon cancer. The frequent consumption of beer, wine and schnapps shortens the lifespan and is particularly risky for women. According to a study, even small amounts of it can damage the hearts of women particularly badly. All of these scientific findings don't seem to apply to Agnes Fenton. The American already celebrated her 110th birthday. Even though she has been drinking alcohol every day for 70 years.

Three beers and one whiskey every day
The lady from New Jersey had recently celebrated her anniversary with the family. The former nanny has given herself three bottles of beer and a shot of whiskey every day for 70 years. According to media reports, she is generally in good health, can still hear and see well, and reads her newspaper every day. According to the information, a doctor who had diagnosed her with a benign brain tumor had advised her to drink. She strictly followed the rules and opened three bottles of "Miller High Life" beer every day after 5 p.m. and rounded off her dose with a short whiskey. However, the American does not believe that alcohol is responsible for her old age and extraordinary health, but for her belief in God.

110-year-old moderates somewhat
Although there are isolated scientific studies that have found that - moderate - alcohol consumption can promote health and, for example, lower the risk of heart attack, a British study recently refuted the positive effects of alcohol. Agnes Fenton has now also restricted her alcohol consumption. The 110-year-old's nurses advised her against the ritual because her increasing loss of appetite in combination with alcohol could have a negative impact. In her hometown, her birthday was declared “Agnes Fenton Day”. (ad)

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