Wasp infestation: Useful tricks and home remedies for wasps

Wasp infestation: Useful tricks and home remedies for wasps

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The wasp plague is particularly bad this summer. "It only makes things worse," warn experts. Once the insects are aggressive due to their fear of death, they also prick faster. In addition, slain wasps send out the messenger substance pheromone, which attracts other wasps. They notice the attack and also react aggressively. Simple home remedies that naturally drive away wasps are better.

In high summer temperatures, there is nothing better than sitting on the terrace with a cool refreshing drink. But there is one annoying disruptive factor: wasps. These are becoming more and more aggressive in August, and a lot of animals have developed this year due to the mild winter. What really helps against the yellow and black insects? The expert Prof. Dr. Heinz Mehlhorn gives valuable tips.

Food and drinks attract the omnivores
If you sit comfortably in the garden with an ice cream or a glass of apple spritzer, the first wasps will attack you after only a few seconds. The reason: The two species (common and German wasp), which become annoying in August, are omnivores and are approached as soon as they discover something edible. "They usually hunt insects and spiders. If you find food with us, you don't have to hunt with difficulty, ”says Prof. Heinz Mehlhorn, insectologist at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

Do not kill animals or lure them into a syrup trap
If you can't get rid of the aggressive insects, you are at risk of being bitten. This is not only painful, but can even be life-threatening in the event of an allergy. Accordingly, the nuisances should be distributed in the best possible way in advance. However, the animals should not be killed or lured into traps. The nests are also taboo and, in extreme cases, should only be removed by a specialist, explains Prof. Mehlhorn.

Because wasps "[.] Are very useful and are therefore under species protection. They hunt flies, mosquitoes, spiders etc. - everything else that annoys us or transmits infections. And in abundance, ”the biologist told the newspaper. Depending on the time of year, a wasp colony often has 3,500 so-called “workers”, who in turn have to feed about as many larvae. Therefore, a lot of food is needed, for which the wasps would eat a lot of pests.

Bad smells don't deter you
According to Mehlhorn, there is “no magic formula” to drive out the aggressive prey hunters. Distractor feeding areas could not always help either, as the animals would like to go looking for something to eat in the area. If you want to have breakfast on the balcony or terrace, you should make sure to bring tempting foods like jam or cold cuts out at the end. "Then you can usually eat in peace."

Copper coins, tomato plants or burned coffee powder scattered on the table would not be suitable for eviction. Because the idea that wasps are put off by certain smells is "nonsense". The greediness was too great for that: “If the wasps are hungry or need food for their offspring, they don't even deter acrid barbecue smoke from robbers. They are relentless there, ”says the insectologist.

Do not leave rotten wood in the garden
To prevent the wasps from building a nest in their own garden, no rotten wood should be left behind. Because this would serve the animals as a building material by scraping it off, chewing it, mixing it with saliva and finally using it to build the nests.

If wasps are in sight, the main thing is to keep calm. Because "the wasps do not sting people by themselves," says Prof. Mehlhorn. However, this changes if they e.g. feeling threatened by beating her arms wildly. Because then the animals would excrete “alarm pheromones”, which would attract other wasps and increase the aggressiveness.

Carefully pushing away instead of hitting wildly
Therefore, you should try to gently and gently push the insects away. According to the expert, a wasp can be stroked with enough rest even when it is eating, without it stinging. If this does happen, it is not automatically a reason to panic, because “one or more wasp stings are usually completely harmless,” says Prof. Mehlhorn.
However, special care should be taken with an allergy. Depending on the sensitivity, a single prick could cause a life-threatening allergic shock. However, this can be avoided by special anti-allergy drugs (antihistamines) from the pharmacy, and so-called "insect venom immunotherapy" can also offer effective protection, according to the expert.

Have children drink through a straw
Nevertheless, even with non-allergy sufferers there is a risk of "suffocation if you are stabbed in the mouth, throat or throat", the warning said. Accordingly, before each bite and each sip, you should make absolutely sure that no wasp can be swallowed. It is advisable to close or cover drinks as a precaution, especially for children's egg, drinking through a straw is also recommended.

In the event of a sting, the area should be cooled, be it “with spit, water or ice,” advises the expert. This alleviates the pain and stops the spread of the poison. In addition to that, antihistamines from the pharmacy could help, but allergy sufferers should take their special emergency medication. In addition, the environment should be informed and informed about first aid measures in order to receive appropriate support in an emergency.

In case of nausea and shortness of breath, call the emergency doctor immediately
"If there are any noticeable symptoms such as shortness of breath, rash or nausea in the event of an insect bite, the emergency doctor should be called immediately," says Prof. Bernhard Homey, allergist at the medical facility at the University of Düsseldorf. Until the emergency services arrive, bystanders should give first aid on the advice of the German Red Cross, as an insect bite allergy can be very dangerous. Above all, this means reassuring encouragement, cooling and lying down with raised legs (shock position). In addition, it may be necessary to remove the sting. However, care should be taken to ensure that it is not pulled out, but is carefully "wiped" from the side of the skin to prevent the poison from spreading further. (No)

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