Ice cream parlors: controls discover tons of intestinal germs in the ice cream

Ice cream parlors: controls discover tons of intestinal germs in the ice cream

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Germs discovered in ice cream during controls
The average German eats around eight liters of ice cream a year. Like almost all foods, ice cream is regularly checked by experts. Authorities have now examined numerous samples in Hessian ice cream parlors and discovered bacteria in every 16th.

Germs that also occur in the intestine
Checkers have discovered bacteria in around every 16th sample when examining ice in Hessian ice cream parlors, reports the dpa news agency. According to the information, however, these were not harmful to health. The Hesse State Laboratory (LHL) reported on Tuesday in Gießen that it was not Salmonella or Listeria, but germs that also exist in the intestine. “The germs detected here came from the Enterobacteriaceae family, which are also part of a healthy intestinal flora in humans and animals. They serve as indicators of poor hygiene and faecal contamination, ”said the director of the Hessian State Laboratory, Prof. Dr. Hubertus Brunn.

More germs were found last summer
Most of the time, the bacteria got into the ice via the scoop, which in many cases is kept in stagnant water even when hot. Prof. Brunn said in a message: "These are ideal conditions for germs under which they naturally multiply happily." A total of 379 samples were examined. It is said that, compared to a sample last summer, significantly fewer germs were now discovered. At that time, the inspectors had found what they were looking for around every eighth sample. However, this year they had a lot to complain about about the whipped cream from machines. According to the information, more than two thirds of the 147 samples were not in order. This was significantly more than last year with a rate of 42 percent. According to Brunn, there can be several reasons for this, such as inadequate cleaning or incorrect handling of the devices.

A German eats around eight liters of ice cream each year
Ice cream is made from water, milk, cream and sometimes also from egg yolk. In addition, there are often flavors, lots of sugar and the later flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or woodruff. According to surveys, Germans prefer to eat vanilla ice cream, closely followed by chocolate ice cream. The average German eats around eight liters of ice cream every year. Enterobacteria found by the Hessian inspectors are not directly harmful to health. In exceptional cases, however, according to health experts, they can cause symptoms such as abdominal pain, stomach and bowel diseases or diarrhea in people with a weakened immune system. (ad)

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