Court: Wrong cosmetic surgeon operated dozen times

Court: Wrong cosmetic surgeon operated dozen times

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Trial against false cosmetic surgeons: judgment is expected this week
A now 31-year-old man from Regensburg, Bavaria has done dozens of cosmetic surgeries in the past few years without even being a doctor. He is now on trial for dangerous bodily harm, fraud and abuse of titles in 110 cases. The verdict is due to be delivered this week. He faces several years in prison.

Dozens of cosmetic surgeries performed
The story is reminiscent of the Hollywood film “Catch me if you can” with Leonardo DiCaprio: A man treats patients in a clinic without being a doctor at all. This happened not only in the film, but also in reality in Bavaria: As the dpa news agency reports, a man from Regensburg has done dozens of cosmetic operations without being a doctor. The 31-year-old is now in 110 cases before the regional court in Regensburg because of dangerous bodily harm, fraud and abuse of titles. The verdict is expected on Thursday.

Received more than 63,000 euros
The defendant made a confession at the start of the trial. The accused claimed to be a plastic surgeon on the Internet. According to the information, he had acquired a supposed medical career with falsified documents and certificates. The wrong doctor treated the faces of his male and female patients with silicone and botox primarily for cash. According to the public prosecutor, he collected over 63,200 euros between early 2013 and summer 2014. The defendant has now regretted the acts. The chamber had promised the 31-year-old a prison sentence of four to five years based on the confession.

The consequences of injuries cannot be ruled out
The accused had hoped last that he would be put in an detention center because of his cocaine addiction. But an appraiser had found no dependency. The medical expert had pointed out during the procedure that the patients were in great danger and that late effects could not be excluded. Numerous victims were reported to have reported painful swelling and numbness as witnesses. In addition, some complained of fainting and rapid heartbeat after the local anesthetic.

Not the first "wrong doctor"
The investigation got underway by a worried mother from Austria. The woman therefore had doubts about the correctness of the information on the approval of the man and called in the authorities. The current case is not the first "wrong doctor" from the Bavarian university town. A supposed doctor from Regensburg had already been exposed as an impostor in 2012. At that time, the police had announced that the man had pretended to be a general practitioner and treated numerous patients without ever having studied medicine. (ad)

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