At least 20 recognized treatment errors by doctors in Saarland

At least 20 recognized treatment errors by doctors in Saarland

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20 recognized medical errors in the small Saarland
Nationwide, around 2,250 medical treatment errors were recently confirmed last year. The state medical associations have now published lists for the individual federal states. In the small Saarland alone, doctors have proven to have made 20 mistakes in 2014.

"Behind every case in statistics is a fate"
In the past year, Saarland doctors have proven to have made a mistake in treating patients 20 times. According to a message from the dpa news agency, this emerges from a list presented by the Saarland Medical Association on Monday in Saarbrücken. 121 applications were submitted to the expert and arbitration board of the State Medical Association to examine alleged treatment errors. In 2013 there were still 149 applications. Chamber President Josef Mischo said: "Although there will never be a completely error-free medical treatment, every case of damage must give us reason to do something better, because behind every case in the statistics there is a fate." Overall, there was in Saarland last year almost eight million treatment cases.

Nationwide over 2,200 confirmed treatment errors
After the German Medical Association reported on Monday that around 2,250 cases of medical treatment errors had been confirmed nationwide in 2014, the individual data of the German Medical Association is now available. From Hessen, 152 cases were confirmed in the past year in which doctors made serious mistakes. According to the information, treatment errors led to the death of the patients in seven cases. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, estimates of the number of medical treatment errors in Germany range much higher - up to tens of thousands. Patient protectionists and the opposition have long been calling for more commitment from the federal government. For example, the Greens are campaigning for more rights for patients at botch-up. Among other things, the burden of proof for those affected must be reduced further. (ad)

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