Exercises for back pain in the office that really help

Exercises for back pain in the office that really help

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Back exercises prevent tension and pain
Working in the office is usually characterized by monotonous movements and unhealthy postures, which can lead to complaints such as neck tension, back pain, shoulder pain, a mouse arm and similar impairments. However, this impairment can usually be avoided by light relaxation or movement exercises in between.

Anette Wahl-Wachendorf, Vice President of the Association of Company and Company Doctors, explains three simple back exercises for the office that work with pressure and back pressure in a recent press release from the news agency "dpa". The exercises are intended to loosen and stretch the neck, shoulders and back. The regular exercises in between help to avoid physical discomfort due to poor posture. The interruption prevents the back from being subjected to one-sided stress for too long, which is often the cause of the pain, Wahl-Wachendorf told the “dpa”.

Relaxation for the neck
A loosening of the neck muscles can be achieved, according to the expert, by folding the hands in front of the forehead and pushing the head backwards while pushing it forward. This relaxes the neck muscles. The exercises are then carried out with hands clasped behind the head, whereby pressure and counter pressure are built up again. This should prevent neck tension.

Relief of the spine
In the second exercise, the office workers stand on tiptoe and try to reach the ceiling with their hands, thereby stretching the spine and loosening the back muscles. "This exercise is best repeated ten times," said Wahl-Wachendorf in the "dpa." “Here too, stressful bad postures are interrupted and consequential complaints avoided.

Relaxation of the shoulders
Relaxation of the shoulders can be achieved with the third recommended exercise, which can be done while sitting. To do this, the desk workers grab their shoulders with their hands and draw circles in the air with their elbows stretched out to the side. This prevents tension in the muscles in the shoulder area and further complications from persistent incorrect posture. (fp)

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