Hobbies shouldn't be a constraint for children

Hobbies shouldn't be a constraint for children

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Children are sometimes overwhelmed by their packed leisure program

Many children suffer from real leisure stress because their hobbies take so much time that there is hardly any space left for dating friends. The compulsory leisure program can easily overwhelm the children, warns the news agency "dpa", citing Ulric Ritzer-Sachs, from the online advice provided by the Federal Conference on Educational Advice (bke).

Building and cultivating friendships takes time, although many children today have little room for appointments due to the compulsory program of hobbies after school. "What seems necessary for good attachment from a psychological point of view is no longer a matter of course," warns the bke. "Parents should ask themselves: Does my child still have time to meet others without being forced?", Ulric Ritzer-Sachs is quoted by the news agency "dpa".

Use offers in all-day schools
According to the experts, the hobby activities should be cut back if the children have little time for appointments after school. For example, these could be limited to the afternoon. The form of the school attended also played a role. Children go to an all-day school, it is often practical to take advantage of the sports or music lessons offered there, instead of sending the child to the sports club or music school after school. From the range of all-day schools, it is also important to choose the right courses for the child. Parents should ask themselves what suits their child, whether they enjoy it and to what extent performance is paramount.

Set achievable goals
The children's enthusiasm for new hobbies is often short-lived and the children lose interest after a while. To this end, the bke advises not to give in immediately, but to set the children's achievable goal, such as "You will do this until the summer holidays, then we will look further", according to the "dpa" message. According to the bke expert Ulric Ritzer-Sachs, it is important for the children to learn how to overcome their reluctance. In the event of a permanent dispute over the leisure activities, the hobby is actually sometimes not the right thing. (fp)

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