Milk skin can be prevented by constant stirring

Milk skin can be prevented by constant stirring

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Constant stirring prevents unloved milk skin
Even with many people who actually like to drink milk, their hair is bothered by the thought of milk skin. The sticky layer that is created by heat can be avoided by simply stirring the milk.

Milk skin is created by heat
For some people who actually like to consume milk, milk skin triggers the sheer horror. The sticky layer on the liquid is created by heat. When the milk is on the stove, the structure of some of the milk protein changes - it then denatures and then sticks together, according to a current statement from the dpa news agency. This gluing creates a net-like structure, the skin. As the state association of the Bavarian dairy industry explained in the report, it is lighter than the water contained in the milk and therefore swims at the top.

Good source of protein for the body
Consumers can only avoid this by heating the milk at a medium setting, stirring constantly. If you are not disgusted with milk skin, you do not have to dispose of it. On the contrary: the whey proteins that make it up are a good source of protein for the body. In any case, milk is considered by most experts to be a healthy food that strengthens bones and teeth through the calcium it contains and can prevent osteoporosis. However, in recent years more and more people have been diagnosed with lactose intolerance (lactose intolerance), which has the consequence that those affected mostly do without dairy products. (ad)

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