Vegetarian alternatives - soy healthier than beef?

Vegetarian alternatives - soy healthier than beef?

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Vegetarian and vegan foods have experienced a real boom in recent years. More and more meat eaters are also turning to plant-based alternatives. Vegetarian burgers, schnitzel made from soybeans or tofu sausages are not only found in health food stores, but can now also be found in the supermarket.

Vegetarians do not have to do without sausages
According to the Vegetarian Association, around seven million vegetarians and around 900,000 vegans live in Germany. But many meat eaters also occasionally do without their steaks or sausages. An older study by the Universities of Hohenheim and Göttingen showed that more than one in ten described themselves as casual vegetarians. It is mostly health reasons that lead to people eating a vegetarian diet. You don't even have to do without sausages, steaks or burgers, because vegetarian cuisine also has plant-based alternatives, which have been summarized in a message from the dpa news agency.

Soy is a valuable source of protein
The best known is surely soy, which is available in different variants. The vegetable fat and the high protein content of the soybeans are a very valuable source of protein. For soy meat, protein is isolated from the soybean, degreased and structured under high pressure. This gives it a meat-like, fibrous consistency. Tofu, a curd obtained from the soybean, is pressed to give it a cut-resistant structure. Tofu can be processed and prepared in a variety of ways and is a component of numerous foods, such as tofu sausages. A little less known is Tempeh, which originally comes from Indonesia. To make it, the soybeans are fermented by adding a mushroom. This creates a solid mass.

Meat substitute made from seitan or quorn
Meat substitutes made of seitan are often found, especially in organic food stores. This is obtained by washing out the starch from wheat. The protein that remains has a fibrous, cut-resistant structure. The protein-rich seeds of sweet lupine are considered a domestic alternative to soy. A plant comparable to tofu can be made from the plant that belongs to the legumes: lupine. Quorn, which is obtained from the fermentation of a mold, has been a popular vegetarian alternative to meat, especially in the Netherlands for years. As dpa writes, the mushroom protein is processed industrially to replace meat.

Healthy vegetarian diet
Tofu, seitan and co. Can be found in their original form as well as processed in stores. Vegetarian and vegan ready meals have long since left their exile in the health food store and are now also offered in supermarkets. The food industry is increasingly relying on health-conscious consumers. And the plant-based diet is always healthy. Various scientific studies have come to the conclusion that a vegetarian and balanced diet can reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. In addition, many vegetarians have better blood pressure values ​​and are less likely to be overweight. (ad)

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