Advice: Pumpkins must be brought forward from April

Advice: Pumpkins must be brought forward from April

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Grow pumpkins in the home garden

Pumpkins are great to grow in your home garden. To help them thrive until the autumn harvest, the aid information service provides tips for growing pumpkins. It is therefore important to start growing the vegetables as early as April.

Pulling pumpkins in a pot first April 15th and 25th is the right time to start pumpkin pulling. The consumer information service advises that the seeds are initially soaked in water at room temperature overnight. Then, in a pot filled with seeding soil, two seeds are put into the soil about two centimeters deep. The pot should have a diameter of ten to twelve centimeters and the earth should reach about one centimeter below the edge of the pot.

The pot with the pumpkin seeds is then placed in a bright place in the house, where the temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees. You should make sure that the earth is always moist, but not wet. The seeds start to germinate after just a few days. In the next step, the weaker plants are sorted out, so that only the stronger ones are raised further. The small seedlings should only be brought outside after the ice saints in mid-May. Only the stronger plants, which have developed three other leaves in addition to the cotyledons, are selected for this. First, they are used to the new environment and temperature in a partially shaded place for a few days. Then the pumpkin plants can be planted in a sunny place with a planting distance of 0.5 to 2.5 meters depending on the variety.

Pumpkins need nutrient-rich soils Pumpkins develop best on nutrient-rich soils. In addition, according to the consumer information service, good water retention is cheap. Sandy clay soils or loamy sandy soils with medium to high humus content are therefore optimal. On the other hand, very heavy soils, in which waterlogging often forms and which heat up slowly, are not suitable. Those who regularly fertilize with compost give the pumpkins an extra dose of nutrients. That is why they are often planted directly on the compost heap. (ag)

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