Pizza salami test: frozen pizza with a lot of fat

Pizza salami test: frozen pizza with a lot of fat

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Stiftung Warentest tests frozen pizza: taste of five salami pizzas "very good"

Stiftung Warentest examined 27 frozen salami pizza with regard to their taste, ingredients and other criteria. Her conclusion: frozen pizza often tastes better than its reputation. Pizza should not be on the menu too often, because the frozen products usually contain a lot of fat and salt.

Two brand-name products performed best in salami pizza. Five of 27 salami pizzas were rated "very good" in taste by Stiftung Warentest. A total of 19 products received the "good" quality rating, including two organic pizzas. “During the tasting, the testers found a number of salami pizzas that met even high culinary demands. The toppings were particularly aromatic, their floors consistently crispy on the outside and airy and loose on the inside, including the edge, ”the consumer advocates said. The detailed results are published in the April issue of the newspaper "test".

The best were two classic, expensive branded products. The inexpensive private labels of the trade were largely rated as “satisfactory”. This quality judgment also received a gluten-free salami pizza. The testers also discovered two significantly worse products. According to Stiftung Warentest, the Pizza Real / Tip disappointed due to the incorrect preparation recommendations and the partly raw and bitter vegetables, so that the testers could only award an “adequate”. There was too much white oil in the bottom of the pizza at Casa Romantica. “The food industry can use this for technical applications, for example to grease machines and equipment. However, the manufacturers have to ensure that the food is not contaminated with white oil, ”explains project manager Dr. Birgit Rehlender from Stiftung Warentest. As a result, this pizza received only a "poor".

Frozen pizza should not be on the menu as often Despite the mostly good and satisfactory test results, frozen pizza should not be on the menu too often. Because most products contain a lot of fat and salt. “Pizza is generally a dish rich in salt and fat - usually frozen pizzas too. Anyone who takes an entire salami pizza from the test as an adult consumes an average of 34.5 grams of fat, which is almost half of the recommended maximum amount of fat of 72 grams per day, ”says Rehlender. “A lot of fat puts a strain on the daily energy account, which should generally not exceed 2150 calories: A pizza has an average of 847 calories. The tolerated daily salt limit of 6 grams almost exhausted a single pizza from the test with an average of 5.1 grams. ”These are average values ​​that in individual cases would even be significantly exceeded.

Consumer advocates therefore advise not to eat frozen pizza too often. "We recommend: half a pizza and a salad with a sauce made from rapeseed oil - a delicious and healthy combination." (Ag)

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