Germans rely on natural remedies

Germans rely on natural remedies

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Study shows: Germans value natural remedies

A current study by the University of Duisburg-Essen shows the unbroken high esteem that is given to natural remedies in Germany. According to the representative survey, the most important point of reference for natural remedies remains the pharmacy by a clear margin.

The acceptance could not be greater: one in three over-the-counter medicines sold in Germany's pharmacies belongs to the group of natural remedies. In 2012, consumers spent around 1.7 billion euros out of their own pockets. Most of them also think that this is well-invested money: They value natural remedies above all because they are well tolerated and also report on their own positive experiences with the effectiveness of these drugs.

For those led by Professor Dr. Jürgen Wasem carried out a study carried out by the market research institute TNS Infratest a representative survey of the adult population. 1,006 people were interviewed in ten-minute computer-assisted telephone interviews. At the top of the natural remedies mentioned by the respondents were herbal medicines with 87 percent. According to their own statements, 96 percent obtain them from the pharmacy.
86 percent of those questioned can already look back on their own experiences with natural remedies. The interviewers asked this group of patients (N = 863): "Why did you choose natural remedies?" The answers confirm the results of previous surveys: The population in Germany appreciates natural remedies primarily because of their good tolerability (89 percent) and their Effectiveness and usefulness (80 percent). 84 out of 100 patients report good experiences with natural remedies.

In the second part of the study, the researchers examined the economic importance of natural remedies in Germany. According to a cautious estimate, they came to over 3.3 billion euros a year. Half of them (1.68 billion euros) are pharmaceuticals that have been sold in pharmacies. According to the study, the number of jobs that depend directly or indirectly on the natural medicines market in Germany is also higher than generally assumed: The study authors have determined that the jobs of a total of 103,064 people are connected in some way with natural medicines. (pm)

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