Stress in the job: one in three feels overwhelmed

Stress in the job: one in three feels overwhelmed

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Stress in the job: one in three feels overwhelmed

More and more people in Germany are putting their health at risk because of the high workload in their jobs. A new study reveals that one in three feels overwhelmed at work. Experts urge employers to take action.

Health hazards due to high workload Numerous studies in the past have shown that stress causes illness. According to a new study, many Germans endanger their health due to high workload. Full-time workers in Germany were surveyed for the study by the health monitor of the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the health insurance company Barmer GEK. Accordingly, steadily increasing pressure in the workplace means that many employees work more than is tolerable for their bodies and psyche. The study published on Monday states: "This increases the risk of many putting their own health at risk." It is known that work overload can lead to complaints such as headaches or high blood pressure.

Almost a quarter do not take breaks A quarter of full-time employees work at too high a pace, which they claim they do not believe will last long-term. 18 percent stated that they often reached the limit of their performance and 23 percent did not take breaks. One in eight even goes to work when he is sick. According to the study authors, the risk of endangering one's own health grows with many: “Self-endangering behavior manifests itself in the absence of recovery in the excessive consumption of apparently performance-enhancing substances such as nicotine, medication or by the fact that safety, protection and quality standards be undermined. "

Rising performance and earnings goals 42 percent of those surveyed stated that their work environment is characterized by increasing performance and earnings goals. And every third person no longer knows how to cope with growing demands in the company. This can easily lead to excessive demands. Another problem is that if the requirements are nevertheless met, they will immediately apply as the new benchmark. Every second employee believes that there is no escape from this vicious cycle. 51 percent of the employees stated that they had little or no influence on their workload. Over 40 percent say the same about their work goals.

Companies in duty The authors recommend regular "open, binding and realistic target agreement talks" with employers. Study author Anja Chevalier from the Cologne University of Applied Sciences said, according to a message from the dpa news agency, that the agreed goals should be achievable within the contractual working hours. And Gert Kaluza from the GMK Institute for Health Psychology in Marburg said that it is particularly important that employees develop a sense of their own limits so that they can optimally exploit their performance potential in the long term. It certainly makes sense if employees practice relaxation exercises to reduce stress both in their free time and - if possible - during breaks. Yoga or autogenic training are among the options. Brigitte Mohn from the Bertelsmann Foundation's board of directors demanded that companies also act. In this way, management can significantly influence the performance culture and create a healthier work environment through realistic work goals. (ad)

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