Squats at the bus stop

Squats at the bus stop

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Squat counter at the bus stop against obesity

Obesity and obesity are an even bigger problem in Mexico than in the United States. Accordingly, politicians are trying to counteract with all possible means and are often treading new paths - even if not every idea can be implemented. For example, squat counters at bus stations in Mexico City are meant to encourage movement by luring with small rewards. Originally, passengers should even have the opportunity to work out their ticket here, but this turned out to be logistically impossible.

Seven out of ten Mexicans are overweight, according to the news agency "dpa". The newly introduced squat stations at the bus stops are one of numerous projects designed to encourage the population to exercise more and live a healthier lifestyle. Educational initiatives, labeling regulations, sports programs and the introduction of a punitive tax on fast food and sugary drinks a year ago were other measures that have so far not brought the desired success, according to the news agency "dpa".

Squat Counters Should Activate People With the squat counters at the bus stops, Mexico City is now breaking new ground in the fight against obesity. The “dpa” reports on the project that 30 health stations are currently in the pilot phase. So far it is not clear how the continuation should be financed in the future, but the stations seem to be a success. "The project aims to activate people and reward them with the importance of stopping sitting down," said Iván Loría, coordinator of health promotion in Mexico City, quoted by dpa .

Health tips after every squat The news agency uses the example of César Morales to explain how the stations work. He comes to the Buenavista bus station at 9.40 a.m. and begins to squat on the way to work at the station. The 32-year-old seller uses the offer and also has the opportunity to make a small profit. There is a pedometer as a price for ten correct squats. "I'm slowly getting through it," quotes the "dpa" the young man. The squat is captured by the device using a built-in infrared camera. In addition, according to the "dpa" message, the participants see a health tip on the display of the health station after each correct squat, such as: "Would you like a hamburger with fries and a refreshing drink? You would be consuming 920 calories. Think about it and move better! "

30 squat stations set up The 30 squat counters that have been set up so far are available from nine in the morning to three in the afternoon, with trainers like 21-year-old Sandra García promoting their use and making sure that nobody is seriously injured, according to the "Dpa". Around 50 people would train every day at each of the 30 stations. So far, injuries have apparently not occurred. However, some passengers ripped their pants. In addition, not all people can exercise on the equipment, as squats, for example, are contraindicated in the case of knee pain or massive overweight. Also, not all of the participants manage the ten targeted squats and some end up on their buttocks.

Changes in state of mind Even if people cannot do the exercises due to being overweight, this changes the state of mind of "many because they become aware that they are not moving enough", quotes the "dpa" fitness trainer Omar Cabos. However, many may not be aware that they would not be able to do the exercises because they are only watching the squat counters from the bus queue. The red metro buses are a heavily used form of transportation in Mexico City and most people are on their way to a specific destination when they arrive at the bus stop. Few take time for sporting exercises. "I am in a hurry," 44-year-old Martín Flores is quoted by the "dpa".

Almost three quarters of people in Mexico City are overweight According to official statistics, 75.4 percent of women over 20 years old and 69.8 percent of men are overweight or obese the message of the "dpa". The proportion of school-age children is around 35 percent. The high consumption of sugary soft drinks has a decisive influence on the problem. Every Mexican drinks an average of 140 liters of soft drinks a year. According to the figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), 32.8 percent of adults in Mexico - and thus a higher proportion than in the USA - are overweight, according to the "dpa" report. The Ministry of Health registered 323,000 new cases of morbid obesity last year. The pedometer sponsor of the current pilot project is made responsible for the obesity epidemic as a beverage manufacturer. (fp)

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