Cannabis not at the expense of the health insurance

Cannabis not at the expense of the health insurance

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Cannabis not at the expense of the health insurance

Although Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe (CDU) recently announced that this year, the seriously ill would be able to have hashish at the cost of health insurance, but those affected still have to complain. A patient now failed in court.

Minister of Health wants hashish on prescription A few weeks ago, Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe (CDU) announced that this year he would allow hashish to be paid for by health insurance companies. However, affected patients still have to go to courts for this. A 50-year-old man who had sued his health insurance company for not wanting to pay for the purchase of medicinal cannabis flowers was now defeated by the Baden-Württemberg State Social Court (LSG) in Stuttgart. As the “Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung” reports online, the court ruled that the cannabis products consumed were not a benefit to be covered by the statutory health insurance, thereby confirming the first-instance decision of the Reutlingen Social Court (Az.L 4 KR 3786/13) .

Cannabis for epileptic seizure prevention The plaintiff, who suffered a cerebral haemorrhage in 1993, has since suffered severe epilepsy and paralysis of both arms and legs. The patient can only walk a few steps, must wear special shoes and is otherwise dependent on the wheelchair. He also suffers from a metabolic disorder that is sometimes accompanied by the most violent colic-like abdominal pain. The 50-year-old consumes medicinal cannabis flowers to prevent seizures and to treat pain. He can obtain these from a pharmacy with an official exemption.

Application for reimbursement of costs rejected According to information from the court, the plaintiff justified his application for reimbursement of costs by the health insurance company because treatment with medicinal cannabis flowers was the only medically and ethically justifiable treatment option in his case. He could not take the usual epilepsy medication because of the metabolic disease. However, the Stuttgart judges agreed with the health insurance company. The reason for the judgment is not yet available, but in a press release the court points out that there is no finished medicinal product containing only medicinal cannabis flowers with the required approval under German pharmaceutical law. The medicinal cannabis flowers could not be provided as a statutory health insurance benefit even as an approval-free prescription medication, because the law requires a recommendation from the Federal Joint Committee. So far, however, there has been no such recommendation, the court said. The state social court did not allow the appeal against the judgment, but the plaintiff can appeal to the Federal Social Court (BSG) in Kassel.

Exemption for the purchase of cannabis In Germany, patients have been able to apply for a special permit for the purchase of cannabis flowers for self-therapy under certain conditions at the Federal Opium Agency of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) for years. Last year, the Cologne Administrative Court ruled that, in individual cases, chronic pain patients, after examination, could be allowed to grow their own hemp. This ruling was in favor of several men who are struggling with chronic pain, multiple sclerosis (MS) or attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and who, according to their own statements, are helping the pain against the pain.

Cannabis has been used medicinally in many countries Cannabis or its active ingredients have been used medicinally in various countries around the world for years. Among them are nations such as Italy, Portugal, Israel, New Zealand and several states in the United States. The effectiveness of cannabis has been proven in scientific studies, among other things, in pain therapy, multiple sclerosis, nausea and vomiting, or in cachexia, a disease in which extreme weight loss leads to extreme underweight. Experts also recommend marijuana or hashish if you have no appetite. (ad)

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