Privacy? Hundreds of pounds of X-rays on the street

Privacy? Hundreds of pounds of X-rays on the street

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60 kilos of X-rays with personal data found on the street

After a kilogram of x-rays of the Weilheim clinic in Bavaria were found on the roadside on Wednesday, the police began the investigation. The x-rays have sensitive personal data and should therefore not get into the hands of third parties. The Bavarian data protection officer Thomas Petri sees in the incident "according to media reports" a clear data protection violation "and announced" an exact review of the case ".

According to the information from the Weilheim Clinic, the X-ray images found were "handed over to a waste disposal company on Friday so that they can professionally destroy the images." The X-ray documents were, without exception, material for which there was no longer any obligation to keep them, the clinic announced. Accordingly, the images are preserved for at least ten years as this is the minimum retention period for X-ray images. Why the recordings were not properly disposed of and ended up on the side of the road remains open. The clinic will file criminal charges, the management said.

60 kilograms of x-ray images on the roadside Once or twice a year, old x-ray documents are disposed of in the Weilheim clinic. The contracted disposal company collects the documents from the clinic and is then obliged to destroy them in accordance with the applicable regulations, the clinic informed. The order to collect and dispose of 90 so-called “film sacks” (each between 10 and 15 kilograms) by the waste disposal company on Friday was obviously insufficiently implemented. A 68-year-old entrepreneur found four sacks of around 60 kilograms of X-rays on the roadside in Neuperlach. The pictures were taken by the police. "There were x-rays in the film bags, some of which contained silver or silver compounds," the Weilheim Clinic continues. In addition, personal data of the patients were visible on the pictures.

Consequences from the X-ray find? Apparently, the material to be disposed of did not reach the agency responsible for it, the clinic announced. The deputy managing director of Krankenhaus GmbH Landkreis Weilheim-Schongau, Florian Diebel, emphasized that the clinic is still in close contact with the police to investigate the incident. Internally, the involved employees, who coordinate such disposal orders at regular intervals, have been questioned and criminal charges are being filed, the managing director explained in a press release ( -weilheim / 535-consequences-from-the-x-ray-find) to the consequences of the x-ray find. (fp)

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