Ready-made salad: germs, molds & insect venom

Ready-made salad: germs, molds & insect venom

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Many ready-made salads are contaminated with germs, mold and pollutants

Ready-made salads did extremely poorly in a recent study by the magazine “Ökotest” with regard to the germ and pollutant loads. "In our test there were too many germs in two out of three bags" and only "a single mixed salad scores" good ", reports the magazine" Ökotest ". Ready-made salads from the plastic bag are therefore no alternative to fresh (organic) salad.

As part of the test, the examiners examined three bags of nine different types of ready-made lettuce and found some of them to be considerably contaminated with germs, mold and pesticides. "No fewer than 18 of the total of 27 bags tested have bacterial counts that crack one of the respective DGHM benchmarks (DGHM = German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology eV)", says the message from "Ökotest". According to this, two out of three samples are significantly contaminated with germs. The sad frontrunners were, according to the magazine, “a sample of the REWE salad that exceeds three of the standard values ​​(total number of bacteria, mold and yeast), as well as a bag of Kaufland's Sonnengrün Feldsalat Mix, which not only has the standard value with its mold load, but also reached the ten times higher warning value. "

Substances that are hazardous to health in many salad samples According to the "Ökotest" report, perchlorate and / or chlorate was found in 16 samples. Both substances could temporarily block iodine uptake in the thyroid gland, which is particularly problematic for children, pregnant women and people with an underactive thyroid. In addition, chlorate can also damage the red blood cells. The pesticide residues found are also critical. The load here has decreased compared to previous salad tests. However, this does not mean "that the manufacturers have sprayed less since the salads have already been washed several times, which reduces the residues," said the report from "Ökotest".

Insect poisons, fungicides and other chemicals According to the "Ökotest" traces of up to eight different chemicals were still found on the leaves (Sonnengrün Feldsalat Mix from Kaufland) and the laboratory found traces of the fungus poison Iprodion in seven bags - "in one A sample of Florette Herzhaft & Delikat Emotions Mixed Salad even significantly more. ”This fungicide is suspected of causing cancer. The insect venom cypermethrin, which is partly responsible for the bee death, was found in nine bags (every third sample) - including, for example, "all samples from the Bonduelle creation salad mix and Penny's Sonnengarten fresh corn salad mix."

Ready-made salad generally not recommended Overall, "Ökotest" paints an extremely poor picture of the ready-made salad quality. According to Dr. Petra Hiller, Department of Biosafety at the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), can also be traced back to processing. According to Hiller, "plant cells are destroyed when salads are cut" and "the escaping cell sap can promote the growth of bacteria." In the packaging or plastic bags, the prevailing atmospheric humidity also offers an ideal climate for the accelerated growth of microorganisms. For this reason, the BfR recommends that "especially sensitive groups such as pregnant women and immunocompromised persons should avoid eating pre-cut, pre-packaged leaf salads as a precaution." (Fp)

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