Dangerous substances discovered in finger paints

Dangerous substances discovered in finger paints

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Dangerous substances: stay away from many finger paints

According to a study, many finger paints contain carcinogenic and other dangerous substances. Only three out of 16 tested products are recommended according to the "Ökotest". As an alternative, there are homemade finger paints.

Finger paints with substances hazardous to health According to a study, only three of 16 different finger paints are harmless. As the AFP news agency reports, many of the products contain dangerous substances. The agency refers to a report by the magazine "Ökotest". Accordingly, the manufacturers of finger paints sometimes put them with substances that are hazardous to health. "Ökotest" reported in a test published on Friday in the February issue of a finger color that had become durable with a substance that is not permitted according to the applicable EU standard. According to the test, the product is therefore not marketable. So it shouldn't be on the market.

Only three products to be recommended According to "Ökotest", the colors tested contain other pollutants. In two cases, for example, nitrosamines were detected in the laboratory in a concentration above the limit. Nitrosamines that have been shown to be carcinogenic in animal experiments have also been found in other products, such as mascara, in the past. According to the investigation, another finger color is also not marketable. In this product, an inadmissible amount of a questionable color component was detected, which could have a toxic effect on skin contact. He is also suspected of causing cancer, as reported by "Ökotest". Only three of the 16 examined products are recommended.

Make finger paints yourself As an alternative to the commercially available finger paints, it makes sense to make them yourself. This way you can be on the safe side to only give the children safe colors to play with. Mix food coloring with 100 milliliters of water, stir in four lightly heaped tablespoons of flour and then stir vigorously. Instead of food coloring, you can also use beetroot, cherry, blueberry or spinach juice. The finished paint pots should be kept in the fridge, as germs can quickly form when touched by fingers. The colors keep well chilled for about one to two weeks. (ad)

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